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Flow: Wellan’s First Annual Literary Magazine

Wellan’s Voyager class of 2020–2021 is proud to present Flow, the school’s first annual literary magazine. The publication features creative and academic work by Wellan students in Grades 6–8, including poetry, short fiction, literary analysis, and visual art.

Perhaps equally impressive as the featured work is the fact that the magazine is entirely student-produced. 7th graders took responsibility for many challenging tasks: selecting and editing submissions, laying out each spread, designing the cover, coordinating with a local printing company, and managing finances (to name a few).

In naming the publication, the team was thoughtful about the context in which their creative work surfaced: a school year during a global pandemic. In the magazine’s introduction, Editor Sophia DeDomenico writes:

“This has been a year fraught with hardship punctuated by moments of beauty and hope. Our arrangement of pieces reflects the flow of the year, as well as the creative flow of our collective imaginations.”

After months of hard work and collaboration, the team was thrilled to hold a printed proof in their hands.

And now, the publication is ready for readers! Art Editor Petra Hinkle voices the enthusiasm of her class:

“We are so ecstatic the literary magazine is finally out and up for purchase!”

Each student who contributed will receive a free copy, and additional copies are available for sale this week. Families will receive information via email about how to purchase copies in person.


Can’t Wait to Read? Here Are a Few Excerpts:

(excerpt from short story)


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