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Board of Trustees Statement

As members of the Wellan school community, we commit to supporting and challenging one another in our efforts to:

  • Embrace all types of diversity,

  • Implement and abide by equitable policies,

  • Foster feelings of belonging through inclusive practices,

  • Engage in community action for social justice, and

  • Stand together against bias and racism.

Creating a school environment in which all faculty, staff, students, and families can feel safe and comfortable being who they are requires that each of us be willing to be both vulnerable and courageous. Engaging in this important work together will help to ensure that today’s students are prepared not only to thrive in a more diverse world but also have the skills to effect positive change that will bring about a more equitable and inclusive society in the future.

Board of Trustees Commitment to DEI-ABAR

DEI-ABAR work is central to the Wellan Montessori School mission, and is deeply embedded within every strategic priority. The Board fully endorses the School’s extensive commitment to DEI-ABAR policies and practices. Recognizing the weight of its role in this work, the Board will:

  • Increase trustees’ understanding of DEI-ABAR best practices, including assessing and practicing ways to address systemic and learned biases;

  • Incorporate DEI-ABAR priorities and initiatives into its work;

  • Ensure the Board’s diversity in composition, background, thought and experience; and

  • Partner with the School to provide accountability for implementing DEI-ABAR initiatives.

DEI-ABAR practices will inform conversation, assessment, and engagement between the Board and School leadership as Wellan deepens school-wide commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-bias and anti-racist policies and practices.

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