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Welcome to Wellan! At first glance, you’ll find joyful, peaceful classrooms rooted in the Montessori philosophy, where students are free to explore their environments and learn new skills. You’ll see teachers engaging with children to broaden their understandings, and challenging them to take the next steps. You’ll watch classmates connecting, collaborating, solving problems, and learning how to thrive in a community. All of these things are essential to a successful educational experience.


Now take a closer look. Something even more amazing and distinctive is happening here. As our students learn and grow, our curriculum grows as well. Integrated studies build on the fundamentals of Montessori learning and add elements from a wide range of study areas. At Wellan, we’re teaching our students how to think for themselves. How to process information and explore it in ways that inspire and challenge and motivate them. How to be open to a variety of viewpoints and respectfully articulate their own. How to grow creatively, analytically, and emotionally. How to learn from language, art, architecture, science, and everything in between. How to become their best selves.


The results speak for themselves. Our graduates are caring, curious, confident, and prepared for success in a wide range of learning environments and the larger world. Come and see what makes Wellan so special, and how your child can reach her fullest potential in the classroom and beyond.





Beth Black, Head of School

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