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The School is founded as “Newton Montessori School.” A Board of Directors is formed by five parents from the former Montessori Educare School. The School opens in September with 90 students.


Did you know?

Wellan Montessori School was founded in 2006, under the name “Newton Montessori School.”

In 2013, the school earned full accreditation from the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE) and the American Montessori Society (AMS).

In the spring of 2019, the Board of Trustees voted to change the name of the school to “Wellan Montessori School” based on the ancient meanings and associations of the name and its power to tell what we value as a school. “Wellan” is an Old English word that means “to cause to bubble up from deep within.” This term resonates with our educational philosophy, which is based in the belief that within each student there is a deep well of curiosity and empathy. We inspire, challenge, and empower students to draw on that innermost eagerness to learn and channel it effectively to achieve academic excellence.


To see more of our school history, navigate the interactive slideshow above.


To learn more about our name change, watch the video below. 

Land Acknowledgement 

Wellan Montessori School recognizes that our history is intertwined with that of the Wampanoag people, on whose ancestral homeland our school facilities are located. We honor them and their ancestors by acknowledging that we fulfill our educational mission in territory they occupied prior to colonization.

Exploring Newton’s indigenous history and offering this land acknowledgement are actions we take in an effort to recognize the harm done by the forced removal of indigenous people from this area by early European settlers and by the long history of prejudice and oppression that followed. On a daily basis, we commit to teaching our students how to develop empathy and take action against injustice. We teach them to respect and care for all living things—as did the indigenous people who were the first stewards of natural resources in this vicinity.

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