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Learning Resources at Wellan Montessori School


The Donna Franca Franzaroli Family Library & Resource Center has over 6,000 books in its collection, as well as reference and resource materials for Elementary students. Wellan is also within walking distance of the Newton Public Library, which provides a wide range of resources for advanced study and learning.



Wellan supports the appropriate and supervised use of technology with our older students for teaching keyboarding and conducting research. Elementary students have access to Chromebooks in their classrooms for these purposes.


Learning Support and Extensions

Wellan offers support for students at all development levels. The Learning Specialist consults with teachers to discuss the learning needs of students who are not making the expected level of progress or who are quickly exceeding the learning goals set for their classroom level. The result of these consultations may include suggested modifications to the classroom routine to best meet the student needs. Students also may receive direct support from the Learning Specialist as a means to remediate learning differences or may meet with the Learning Specialist to explore enhanced programming that is not available in their classrooms.


The Learning Specialist is also available to consult with teachers and parents as needed to formulate progress plans, which may include recommendations for outside evaluations.



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