Kittens & Community: A 6th Grade Service Day

The 6th grade year at NMS is full of opportunities for leadership, personal growth, and collaboration. While continuing with the academically rigorous Montessori curriculum, our 6th grade students also take on a yearlong independent research project and work together to fundraise and plan for an overnight field trip—two monumental tasks! This year, in recognizing our school’s commitment to community, the 6th years also decided to take on the task of planning a day of community service. This year’s 6th graders are a creative, empathetic, and motivated group. They are also animal lovers; so very early on, they agreed that they wanted their service day to benefit animals. After determining a se

Health and Wellness Lessons in the Beginners Bathroom

Recently all faculty and staff attended a professional development session with certified human sexuality educator of 30 years, Deborah Roffman. We discussed the spiral curriculum that takes place over many years, and how it begins with our youngest students as they start to learn about their own bodies. Elyse was inspired to reflect on one lesson she’s encountered in the Beginners bathroom of interest to teachers, parents, and caregivers alike: how the language we use begins to shape toddlers’ understanding of their bodies and their place in the world. In high school English class, I remember receiving a writing prompt something along the lines of, “What would you do if you could be the opp

An Ode to Drama Tech

Drama Club is six weeks away from our performance of Oklahoma! With only an hour each week to rehearse for a full musical, write bios’s and program information, organize costumes, design and paint sets, make and organize props, and write sound and mic cues, the last weeks leading up to a show can be really stressful. All of this in addition to our other responsibilities at school... #wearesotired. In about a week or so from now come the pre-show dreams. What did we forget? What are we missing? Will we finish everything on time? Will people like it? Will the kids feel good about it? Above: The Drama Tech Crew Thanks to our new addition to Drama Club—Drama Tech—I am pretty calm at the moment.

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