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Welcome, Alumni, and thanks for visiting! We may have a new school name, but we are the same school and the same close-knit community

you remember. We would love for you to stay in touch. If you are active

on social media, please follow us at the links below!

If you would like to schedule a visit, volunteer during your school vacation, or just say hello, please email us at You can also explore the hallways and classrooms through our virtual tour!

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Alumni Donors

The Wellan Alumni Donor wall is a recent addition to our school playground. We created this plaque to showcase our appreciation of the families of former students and graduates who have continued to provide financial support to our school. We wouldn’t be who we are today without your incredible support and dedication. 


If you would like your family name to be added to the Wellan Alumni Donor wall, please contact


Wellan makes transferring to a new school very easy because they prepare you both socially and academically. They help you with time management, organizational skills, and being prepared in different social settings. With the skills that Wellan gives you, you will be able to thrive in any different classroom structure, both large and small.

Hear from Our Alumni
Alumni Parent Testimonials
priya headshot.jpg

“There are so many qualities [my daughter] learned while at Wellan that made the transition [to middle school] smooth—her time management skills, ability to problem solve, confidence to form new friendships, academic agility, and most importantly, her strength in analyzing concepts.

“[My son] was excellently prepared by Wellan Montessori School. He scored high on the ISEE standardized entrance exam and was accepted to Boston Latin, which is one of the most rigorous and selective secondary schools in the area. When he started at Boston Latin, there was little in the curriculum that he had not already seen or studied at Wellan.

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