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Grades 1 through 6: Full-day Programs

“Students cannot rely solely on left-brain skills for success in the 21st century. They also need to be able to design innovations, communicate through compelling stories, develop rapport with others, and synthesize seemingly disconnected pieces of information in new ways.”

— Daniel Pink

Elementary students are eager to engage with and apply tremendous amounts of knowledge. They are increasingly curious not just about the “what,” but about the “how” and “why.” They are discovering just how capable they are, navigating an increasingly complex social life, and building friendships that could last for a lifetime.

Lower and Upper Elementary students are beginning to try to understand their place in the world. They are becoming more abstract thinkers, curious about the moral and physical laws of the universe around them. Topics are integrated to give a broader view of concepts and learning approaches. Children advance at their own pace, not limited by age or group levels. Students take increased responsibility for their learning goals.

In grades 4 through 6, students are provided with meaningful opportunities to practice critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, and to participate in experiential learning—helping to ensure their academic preparedness as they transition successfully into selective middle schools.


Program benefits include:


A nurturing environment with one teacher for every 10 children.

Skilled and knowledgeable faculty who provide an environment that is conducive for building social, emotional and academic growth and success.


A blended curriculum that combines Montessori learning with complementary curricular approaches that emphasize collaboration and independent learning.


A multi-age classroom which fosters social and emotional growth and creates opportunities for leadership.


Enhanced programming in music, art, physical education, design lab, information technology, drama, and Spanish.

Watch a Video About Montessori in the Elementary Years

created by the American Montessori Society

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