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Our teaching is rooted in the Montessori philosophy, which holds that in order to develop their physical, intellectual, creative and emotional powers to the fullest, children need freedom and need to assume age-appropriate responsibilities. At first glance, these objectives may seem at odds with one another. The beauty of the Montessori philosophy is that it creates a delicate
balance between the two. Freedom of choice and freedom of movement sustain intrinsic 
motivation and joyful learning. Cultivation of self-care and emotional self-regulation skills supports the growth of independence and enables students to fulfill challenging expectations.


Dr. Montessori’s philosophy includes the belief that social adjustment, though necessary for learning in a classroom, is not the purpose of education. Patterns of concentration, perseverance, resilience, and thoroughness established in early childhood produce confident, competent learning in later years. At the heart of it all is the idea that learning should be joyful, and that “work” should be interesting and fun.


The benefits of a Montessori classroom include:


The “prepared environment,” in which teachers create a peaceful space where each material has a certain place, order and purpose. This enables students to explore materials and their related concepts and develop at their own pace.


Accredited and highly trained teachers who prepare the environment, conduct lessons and group activities, function as the authority, and offer each child individualized guidance and new challenges in their classroom explorations and learning.


Mixed-age, multi-year classroom communities, which enable students to develop long-term meaningful relationships, learn from older students, and practice leadership skills by role modeling for younger peers.


This whole child, individualized approach to learning combined with a close-knit community form the basis for student success.

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