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Ages 3–6 Years: Half- and Full-day Programs

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

— Maria Montessori

The world of a young child is filled with wonder. There are endless things to explore in even the most everyday activities. Young children are working hard to assert their independence in the world, while staying close enough to their parents to feel safe and secure. It’s the time for a first best friend, a first loose tooth, a first of many little bumps and scrapes from trying something new — and it’s the time to give your child an environment where exploration and learning come naturally.

The years between three and six are a developmental period when students are able to absorb information nearly effortlessly from the environment around them. To take advantage of this naturally occurring phenomenon, our Primary classrooms offer a wide range of carefully prepared materials that enable students to explore concepts and lessons in a hands-on setting, as opposed to a more traditional learning environment where they might be asked to simply memorize or accept.

Montessori teachers offer guidance and lessons, ensuring exposure to a broad range of activities while enabling each student to follow his or her own interest and pace. With a three-year range of ages in the classroom, children experience the freedom of learning at their own pace, rather than one that has been pre-determined as appropriate for their chronological age. Leadership skills also develop naturally within this environment.


Program benefits include:

A safe and secure environment with one teacher for every 10 children.


Skilled and knowledgeable faculty who guide children in their exploration and development.


An individualized curriculum that meets your student where he or she is and builds a strong foundation in reading, writing, math, and other subjects in preparation for Elementary school.


A multi-age classroom, which provides opportunities for children to learn important social skills and creates early leadership skills as students help each other.


A specialized leadership program for Year 3 Kindergarten students that connects them with peers across classrooms and provides small-group learning experiences in Science/STEM Lab; Writers Workshop; Health, Safety, Wellness; and other areas of study.


Enhanced programming in music, art, physical education, Spanish, and library.

Watch a Video About Montessori in the Kindergarten Year

created by the American Montessori Society

“We at Wellan” Book by Primary Writers’ Workshop

At Wellan, Primary Year 3 students attend several Kindergarten Workshops that help them prepare for the Elementary Program, including Science/STEM Lab and Writer's Workshop, among others. After school buildings closed in 2020 due to COVID-19, the Writers’ Workshop teachers crafted a project that would help their students reflect on their school year (including their experience with remote learning). The teachers wrote a story and students contributed illustrations. If your family is curious about our year at Wellan, we invite you to listen to this special story!

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