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Wellan Grandparents Get Involved

Last month, we hosted our first Primary Grandparents Day and it was a big success! The grandparents who attended spent the morning learning about Montessori philosophy, meeting older student leaders in the school, and working with their grandchild in their classroom.

Connecting with Wellan grandparents is something that we value and want to make more accessible for each family. We decided to host Primary Grandparents Day to reach out to this portion of our community and let them see first hand what their grandchildren are doing every day! Inviting grandparents into the classroom gave children the opportunity to explain and demonstrate the work they do in an intimate way. At the end of the event, grandparents left with a deeper understanding of what each day entails for their grandchildren at school.

Aside from Grandparents Day, there are other opportunities for grandparents to get involved with Wellan. One way to get involved is by reaching out to your grandchild’s teacher to schedule a presentation for the children. Teachers are always looking for families to come in and share experiences or knowledge on a special holiday you celebrate, a certain skill you have, or even on a trip that you went on. In the past, we have had presentations that range from talking to the children about Nowruz (Persian New Year), sharing pictures from a trip to Africa, and explaining to the children how cells work. No topic is too big, and children make the best audience!

Another way to get involved is through the Annual Fund. Thanks to a group of generous Wellan grandparents and other extended family members, all grandparents have the opportunity to double their impact! From now through December 31st, all gifts to the Wellan Annual Fund from grandparents and extended family members will be matched dollar for dollar up to a total of $5,000. This money goes a long way in investing in your grandchildren’s future. Funds go to school improvements, materials, and professional development for teachers. If you are interested to participate, you can give online here.

If you were unable to attend Primary Grandparents Day in the fall and would like to visit with your grandchild, you are always welcome to come in! We encourage all family members to take some time to observe your child in the classroom and get a glimpse into their daily life outside of home. To schedule an observation, email Deanna Griffiths at

For grandparents of Elementary students, be on the lookout for our Elementary Grandparents Day coming up in the spring!

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