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6 Fun Halloween Songs and Rhymes for Young Children

Beginner classrooms are looking forward to our annual Halloween celebration. Students and teachers (and hopefully some parents!) will dress in costume and enjoy some light refreshments in their respective classrooms. “Hidden” around the classroom will be individual goodie bags, labeled with each child’s picture, for the students to find.

After refreshments, we will gather together in the gym for a division-wide song circle with Ms. Katie. The students have been busy practicing the fun, seasonal rhymes we will recite and the songs we will sing. This is a great opportunity to integrate language and music curriculum with an exploration of autumn—not to mention, it is always a special treat for children to rhyme and sing with their parents at school!

Below are the words to the rhymes, as well as links to the songs. See if your child recognizes these at home! We look forward to seeing families on the morning of the 31st.

Mean Old Witch

I'm a mean old witch with a hat

and I ride on my broom with my cat

My nose is pointy and my shoes are too

You better watch out or I'll scare you


Halloween Surprise

First you take a pumpkin

big and round and fat

then you cut the top off

that will make the hat

scoop out all the seeds

make the nose, mouth and eyes

show it to the children for a

Halloween surprise!

Grey Squirrel

Stirring My Brew

5 Little Pumpkins

Way Up High in the Apple Tree

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