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A Wellan Tradition: Building Community through Host Families

Caring. Curious. Confident. Community.

Wellan believes that a thriving, cohesive community provides a role model for children, encouraging them to become lifelong responsible, and collaborative individuals.

Through our Y3 Student Council, Service Sundays, classroom playdates, and fun parent groups, we are dedicated to giving children and their families an opportunity to enrich their sense of community within, and beyond, the classroom. A favorite Wellan tradition calls on our returning families to serve as Host Families. This tradition establishes the first link between newly enrolled families and current Wellan families, strengthening the fabric of our community and creating a supportive foundation to grow.

Playdates on the playground are a great way for families to get to know each other!

Each spring, Wellan volunteers are matched with New Families to serve as their own personal welcoming committee. Host Families initiate social get togethers, serve as a resource to answer questions, and reconnect again as New Families settle into their new routine and classroom community. This initial connection is the jumping off point for our community gatherings throughout the year. Our goal is that families feel connected and supported as they navigate this big transition to a new school.

Parent testimonials:

“My experience with our host family was great! They were very warm and gracious. We especially appreciated hearing their insight on parents' perspectives and transitions, and knowing what to expect/prepare for was great. We loved having face to face time before school started because our daughter had a familiar face to look forward to on day 1. Our host family made themselves very available before school started, as well as throughout the fall to check in on how things were going. They were so easy to talk to!”

“As a new member of the community, I didn’t have many questions, but it was nice to know I could have reached out if I needed to.”

“I was a new parent last year, and I can’t wait to welcome the 2018–2019 families to the school. I may not have all the answers to their questions, but I know exactly what they are going through!”

Families enjoy the bumper cars at this past year’s Fall Festival.

Ideas for Host Family activities:

• Ice cream social

• Playdate in the park

• Museum scavenger hunt

• Nature walk or hike

• Parent only activities

• Invitation to your child’s birthday party

• Attend the Spring Social together

• Carpool

The annual Spring Gala makes for a fun adult night out!

A community doesn’t just happen on its own. It requires special attention and care. We hope that you will participate in building our community with us, and look forward to the many years of friendship we have ahead of us.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Host Family, or have any questions, email us or stop by the Admissions Office any time!

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