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Explore Our Campus Map

Wellan’s campus spans three buildings located on Crescent Avenue in Newton Centre, MA. Nearby amenities include the Newton Centre T Station, Weeks Field, and Crystal Lake. Open the map below to navigate each building and see details about classrooms and outdoor spaces.


Please Note — these videos were filmed at the beginning of the COVID pandemic to showcase our school virtually. We are constantly looking for ways to better our school at Wellan, including renovating and expanding our spaces. Consequently, these videos are no longer an entirely accurate depiction of our campus. We encourage you to sign up for an in-person campus tour through the Admissions Portal.

Take an Interactive Tour Below
Outdoor Spaces

Use the grid icon in the lower right to navigate the front of our building, two views of our playground (located behind the building), and nearby Weeks Field, used for Elementary Recess.

Beginner, Primary, and Lower Elementary Classrooms

Wellan's Main Building is home to 15 classrooms: 5 Beginner (Age 15 months - 3 years), 6 Primary (Age 3 - 6 years), and 3 Lower Elementary (Grades 1 - 3). Use the grid icon in the lower right to navigate examples of classrooms for each level.

Upper Elementary and Middle School Classrooms

Upper Elementary (Grades 4 – 6) and Voyager (Grades 7– 8) are located in Wellan’s newest addition — West Hall. West Hall is situated directly next to Wellan’s Main Building on Crescent Avenue and is home to 3 Upper Elementary classrooms and a Voyager suite — which includes a lecture/seminar room, a humanities classroom, and a STEM classroom. The building also has a 3D printing lab and media room, as well as a flex classroom for breakout groups and lessons. Watch a brief video tour of our new facility.


Wellan’s facilities for Specials include a Makerspace, library (used for literacy and tech classes), two gymnasiums (one for early childhood and a larger one for elementary students), and an Arts Wing that includes classrooms for Art, Music, and Spanish, and a stage for Drama productions. Use the grid icon in the lower right to navigate multiple classrooms.

Interested to learn more?

If you are interested to learn about Wellan, our team is available to connect with you. Please email  to schedule a phone call or visit.

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