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Caitlin Bowring, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Upper Elementary/Middle School Division Leader

Lower Elementary

Michael Silverstone, Lower Elementary 1 Teacher

Stephen Gay, Lower Elementary 1 Teacher

Kayla Stiffler, Lower Elementary Division Leader/Lower Elementary 2 Teacher

Laurie Gallagher, Lower Elementary 2 Teacher

Caroline Chizek, Lower Elementary 2 Assistant Teacher

Kayla Keeling, Lower Elementary 3 Teacher

Micaela Pierce, Lower Elementary 3 Teacher

Upper Elementary

Vikki Zenlea, Upper Elementary 1 Teacher

Amy Smith, Upper Elementary 1 Teacher

Wendy Smith, Upper Elementary 2 Teacher

Beth Schuch, Upper Elementary 2 Teacher

Brian Johnson, Upper Elementary 2 Teacher

Ruth Clifford, Upper Elementary 3 Teacher

Rachel Friebe, Upper Elementary 3 Teacher 

After School and Support

Marianne McGaffigan, Support Teacher/Student Aide

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