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Grades 2–6

Coding. Research. Internet Safety. The Wellan Technology program empowers students to use computers for learning and communication purposes safely and efficiently. Students learn the basics of coding, build their own websites, and use computers to aid academic projects, from researching information to creating a polished presentation.


Wellan's Information Technology program is well-equipped to deliver its curriculum to students. Grade 2 to Grade 3 students attend Information Technology class for 40 minutes per week during one semester each year, while Grade 4 to Grade 6 students have the weekly 40-minute session throughout the year. In addition, the teacher is available to provide 30 minutes per week of "support time" to assist students as needed. A low student-teacher ratio and a 5 year progression allows for individual attention and skill-building over time. 

At Wellan, we teach Information Technology because the ability to effectively use digital tools is a practical life skill for learners in the twenty-first century. Information Technology allows students to explore the vast resources of the internet and empowers them with specialized tools for reading, writing, and presenting their ideas to others. Familiarity with other tools enables students to approach the world mathematically using databases to analyze numeric data. Students practice expressing themselves creatively using digital tools in the arts such as graphic art, audio and video editing. Robotics work engages students in a structured problem-solving process and helps them learn how hardware and software work together. Students who are taught digital literacy and computer science skills are prepared to be responsible and innovative members of society in the future.

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