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Grades 2–6

Coding. Research. Internet Safety. The Wellan Technology program empowers students to use computers for learning and communication purposes safely and efficiently. Students learn the basics of coding, build their own websites, and use computers to aid academic projects, from researching information to creating a polished presentation.



Mara Weitzman, Technology Specialist

Mara is thrilled to join the Wellan teaching team as the Technology Specialist because it combines her passions of Montessori and STEM education. After studying Biology at Swarthmore and working in the healthcare software industry, Mara experienced the Montessori world as a parent and was inspired to become certified in Elementary years 6–9 at the Center for Montessori Teacher Education, New York in Lexington. She spent the first fifteen years as a lead teacher in Lower Elementary classes at Keystone Montessori and Kingsley Montessori School. She then earned an M.S. in Elementary Science and Math Education from Wheelock College and worked as a STEM/Science teacher for grades 1–6 at Kingsley and most recently as a math teacher at the Charles River School. 


Mara has 3 Montessori-educated, grown children who are out in the world pursuing their own passions. She lives at home with her wife and their 2 dogs. She enjoys hiking, bird-watching, playing piano, and practicing her latest passion - piloting a motor boat.

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