Grades 2–6

Coding. Research. Internet Safety. The Wellan Technology program empowers students to use computers for learning and communication purposes safely and efficiently. Students learn the basics of coding, build their own websites, and use computers to aid academic projects, from researching information to creating a polished presentation.



Terry Keeling, Math Teacher and Design Lab/Technology Specialist for Grades 4–8

Terry, who has been on staff at Wellan since 2017, has joined the Voyager team as the 7th and 8th grade Math teacher this year. Terry brings a unique background to this position. He holds degrees from the University of Georgia in Education and Applied Maths. More recently, he has continued his education at Harvard University, where he earned an MBA and a Masters degree in Musicology. He will soon complete his Ph.D. as a joint program in Theoretical Particle Physics and Music Theory. He also holds several computer science and information security certifications. While still in Georgia, Terry taught High School Orchestra.


Outside of his work at Wellan, he teaches private music lessons and tutors students in mathematics and music theory. At Wellan, he has taught Upper Elementary Design Lab and Technology classes. Terry worked with Voyager students this past year on their news program. He is excited to take on a larger role in the program.

Kimberly Burke, Library Specialist/Technology Specialist

Kimberly is excited to be expanding her role at Wellan this year as the librarian and technology specialist for Lower Elementary. Prior to joining Wellan, Kimberly worked in Youth Services at the Public Library of Brookline. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.