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Beginner – Lower Elementary


The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. All About Egypt. 

The Wellan Library program is designed to make reading fun and enjoyable for all students and to provide a foundation for building fundamental research skills. The main library has over 6,000 books in its collection, providing a wide range of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction learning resources. Each classroom also maintains a smaller collection of reading materials.


The Library at Wellan is a school-wide resource for students and faculty who need materials for lessons, projects, and personal reading or who want to reserve it as breakout space for lessons. We aim to provide print material that covers a wide range of reading levels and developmentally appropriate content through a collection that is relevant, diverse, and in good condition. All students have regular access to the Library during the school day, which gives them the opportunity to practice choosing their ow reading material—a path to becoming lifelong readers! It also helps students understand how materials are organized and gives them practice with library processes that will serve them in the “real world” outside of Wellan. In addition to access to the Library collection, students in Beginners–First Grade have Library as a Specials class once a week. Library classes are taught by the School Librarian. 

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