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Primary – Middle School


Don’t step in the lava! Pass the ball!  From obstacle courses to group games, the Wellan Physical Education program enables students to develop and refine gross motor skills; build good habits for living a healthy and active lifestyle; and learn important skills about collaboration, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.


Primary P.E. classes focus on locomotor movements, spacial awareness, basic understanding of age-appropriate games, and having fun! At the beginning of each year, students review safety protocols and expectations to create a physical and emotionally safe place for all. Lower Elementary P.E. classes reinforce the movements and safety expectations introduced at the Primary level. Added focuses to this age group include: public sharing, active listening, sportsmanship, and reflecting. Students in Lower Elementary begin taking on leadership roles in the class and are invited to explain the rules to our games and field questions from their peers so that activities are more student-led. 


By the end of Grade 5, learners will demonstrate competence in fundamental motor skills and selected combinations of skills; use basic movement concepts, and small-sided practice tasks; identify basic health-related fitness concepts; exhibit acceptance of self and others in physical activities; and identify the benefits of a physically active lifestyle. Students in the Voyager Middle School program have Physical Education and activity built into their schedule everyday. They are shown the true importance of not only moving their body everyday, but finding something enjoyable for leisure or competition that sustains their goals. A Wellan graduate confidently jumps into a variety of athletic activities, initiates good sportsmanship, and encourages others to do the same. 

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