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5th Grade - Summer Program Logo Design

In grade 5, teams of students are given an assignment by Wellan’s Auxiliary Team to create specific camp logos for each week of the upcoming summer program. They use the engineering design thinking cycle to collect requirements, test and revise prototypes, and pitch a final product. The chosen designs are printed on small buttons and stickers to be distributed to campers each week.

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The Stanford Design Thinking Process.png

The Stanford Design Thinking Process

Students use the engineering design cycle to collect requirements, brainstorm ideas, and develop a proposed design. They repeat the cycle, presenting their ideas for review, incorporating feedback and making revisions until they gain approval for the final product.

Beth Giving Design Lesson.jpeg

Beth Black, Head of School, kicks off the project by presenting the process of developing the Wellan Montessori Logo.

Consulting with Maria.JPG

Maria Gionfriddio, Auxiliary Division Leader, is interviewed by students about the requirements for the summer camp logos.

Logo design.JPG

A student finely tunes the graphic design of his logo.

Presenting Logos.jpeg

Two students "pitch" their proposal for the "Over the Rainbow" camp theme logo to the auxiliary admin team. 

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