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Jennifer Cardy, Primary and Specialist Division Leader

Primary Teachers

Jutta Lossner-Liang, Primary 1 Teacher

Sachié Karmacharya, Primary 1 Teacher

Ana Marban-Lorenzo, Assistant Primary Division Leader/Primary 2 Teacher

Betsy Childs, Primary 2 Teacher

Esther Lee, Primary 3 Teacher

Sarah Bourque, Primary 3 Teacher

Fiona Gohery, Primary 4 Teacher

Sandra Fernandes, Primary 4 Teacher

Jessica Brennan, Primary 5 Teacher

Amalie Brandvold, Primary 5 Teacher

Vicky Choi, Primary 5 Teacher

Wei Stanten, Primary 6 Teacher

Allison Gass, Primary 6 Teacher

Support and After School Teachers

Gabriela DaSilva, Support Teacher

Kaylee Bond, Support Teacher

Gabi Souza, Support and After School Teacher

Ryan Jean-Louis, Support Teacher

Lillier Anatole, Support and After School Teacher

Sarina Wilson, Support and After School Teacher

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