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2021 Sixth Grade Independent Project Presentations

Each year, Wellan’s sixth grade students complete their third year of Upper Elementary with an extensive independent research project on a subject of their choosing. They spend months diving into their topic, gathering sources, writing a research paper, and creating a presentation for their peers, teachers, and families. This year’s sixth grade class wowed us with their depth of knowledge in a range of subjects: evolution, type 1 diabetes, the Fibonacci Sequence, the behavior and anatomy of cats, and the fall of the Roman Empire. All students presented with poise, preparedness, and confidence — experts in their chosen field.

We congratulate our sixth graders for their hard work in their research as well as their thorough, engaging presentations. Bravo!


Watch the 2021 6th Grade Independent Project Presentations:

The Fall of the Roman Empire:

Type 1 Diabetes:

The Behavior and Anatomy of Cats:

The Fibonacci Sequence:



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