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Historic Halloween Fun in Elementary

Halloween is always a favorite holiday for Elementary students because of the unique celebrations that have become a tradition at NMS!

In Lower Elementary, students participate in Mystery History Day. Prior to the big day, LE students select and research a historical figure that made a significant positive contribution to society. On Halloween, the LE students disappear, and historical figures like Helen Keller, Albert Einstein and Jane Goodall appear in their places! All of the LE students gather together and each child shares three clues about their mystery person. Everyone has fun trying to guess who they are. After their secret identities are revealed, students visit Primary classrooms in small groups to share what they learned with the younger students.

In Upper Elementary, students celebrate Hero Day. Each child selects a personal hero and conducts research about this person. They prepare a written report that details the person’s life and outlines why the student has chosen this hero. On Halloween, UE students come to school dressed as their hero and give an oral presentation to classmates that includes biographical information and explains personal significance. Past heroes include Michael Phelps, Ellen Degeneres, David Attenborough and Muhammad Ali. We are all looking forward to learning about this year’s heroes!

Both celebrations provide great opportunities for students to practice research and presentation skills, learn from one another, and incorporate history into our Halloween festivities!

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