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Special Feature: From our 3rd Grade Photojournalist

Have you seen special moments featured on the screen in our hallway? Maybe you've seen a student enjoying a book, a teacher giving a lesson, our beloved fish swimming around. That's all thanks to our Third Grade Internship program, and more specifically, my Photojournalist intern.

Each week we meet for 30 minutes, and Calum begins by exploring our school to find what's interesting (he's an avid reader, so this often means books—but can also mean the structural integrity of a Pink Tower, or the way that fish transport pebbles from one area to another). He then reviews his photos and notes what's interesting about them: their angles, subjects, mirror reflections.

The Third Grade Internship program is designed to give students the opportunity to serve the NMS community outside of their classroom and introduce them to some experiences related to finding and holding a job. Students complete inventories to identify their skills and interests, then fill out job applications for internship positions advertised by school staff (other positions have included Tour Guide, Playground Assistant, and Art Intern). Students meet with their supervisors for 30 minutes per week over the course of several weeks—and they love it! The program has been a valuable learning experience for the third years, and a great opportunity for them to contribute to the NMS community.

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