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COVID-19 Information Overview:
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COVID-19 Policy Guide:
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Who to Contact:
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will face coverings be required?

Regardless of vaccination status, properly fitted face masks are required for all students age 2+, teachers, staff, and visitors in classrooms, hallways, and shared school spaces, as well as during drop-off and pick-up periods. During drop-off periods, students age 2+ must be wearing face masks prior to exiting their vehicles or, if walking to campus, prior to approaching the school premises.

Wellan understands that CDC and state mask guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals continue to evolve. The School reserves the right to amend its policies, including face mask directives, at any point during the school year. Face Mask Policy Exceptions: Wellan will permit students to remove their face masks under certain circumstances throughout the school day. When indoors, students may remove their face masks while actively eating snack and lunch, during naptime, and during a requested mask break. Students may request mask breaks at any time during the school day. Wellan will implement additional COVID safety measures when students are unmasked indoors, including increased social distancing and the use of plexiglass barriers. Additionally, Wellan will permit students to remove their face masks during recess and other outdoor activities so long as students are able to remain reasonably distanced from one another. If a planned outdoor activity does not allow for sufficient social distancing between students, or if an activity presents the potential for contact with individuals from outside of the Wellan community, students may be required to wear face masks for the duration.

What is Wellan doing to maintain the cleanliness of classrooms and bathrooms?

All classrooms, bathrooms, and shared spaces will continue to be cleaned regularly throughout the school day. Additionally, all classrooms and hallways have been fitted with multi-filter air purification units that are designed to remove 99.7% of harmful particles.

What happens in terms of mandatory time out of school if a) my child gets sick, b) someone in my child's classroom gets sick, c) anyone in the school gets sick, or d) there are cases of COVID-19 in our Wellan community? What will we need to do to come back to school?

Please view our attendance guidelines regarding COVID-19 here.

Is Wellan providing testing for faculty and staff? How about for students?

Yes. All Wellan students, teachers, and staff are required to participate in the School’s Pooled COVID-19 testing program as a condition of attendance during the 2021-2022 school year. Please read more details regarding our COVID-19 Testing Program here.

Can you provide details around lunch breaks? Are the students sitting by themselves? Will there be partitions?

During lunch, students will be either at a one-person seat or at a two-person table with a plexiglass partition. Surfaces will be cleaned and hands will be washed before retrieving lunch items and after lunch has ended.

Will there still be class parents?

Yes; it will be as important as ever for Class Parent Volunteers to help build strong classroom communities. Teachers will get in touch with parents about this volunteer opportunity, and the ways in which it will look different, later in September.