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World Read Aloud Day

On Thursday, February 16, NMS joined a global community of readers in a celebration of stories and books. The non-profit LitWorld organized this day to “mobilize children and adults from around the world to advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to all people.”

NMS community members engaged in a variety of activities to foster a love of stories among our friends and families, while also helping those who may not have access to books.

As families, we selected new or gently-used books and donated them to Cradles to Crayons, who will provide this reading material to children in homeless or low-income living situations.

We also read together at home, took pictures, and brought the photos in to share and celebrate the experience of reading together.

As a community of students and teachers, we listened to one another’s stories. Upper Elementary students visited each classroom in the school from Beginners through Lower Elementary, and read their favorite stories to the younger students. After they left, many younger students felt inspired to read to one another as well!

As an added bonus, Elementary classes created “Reading Identity Webs.” In small groups, children recorded what they like to read and where they like to read. Then they made connections between themselves and the other students in their group. Many students left with new ideas about types of books to try out and new locations in which to read.

Beginner Student Reading

As independent readers, we enjoyed quiet concentration while exploring our own books, from Beginners all the way through Elementary.

Whether we're exploring in the library, listening to a parent Mystery Reader, enjoying a tale at Community Meeting—or writing and telling our own!—every day is a great day for a story.

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