April is National Poetry Month! It’s always a favorite time of year for Lower Elementary students, who are currently exploring the many types of poetry and poetic devices by reading and writing poems of their own. We asked students to share some of their ideas about po...

Jack, an NMS 3rd grader, wrote this piece as part his journalism internship. Read more about the NMS internship program here.

Jack with his internship supervisor, Mason Sand, Director of Enrollment Marketing at NMS. 

Newton Montessori School is a very good school an...

“My personality types are enterprising, artistic, and social; one of my top three skills is making scrambled eggs; and I bet Mr. Steve would be a great reference for me.” — 3rd Grader

Comments such as this one abound during the launch of the Lower Elementary Year 3...

“Where did Earth come from?” 

“How did life on Earth begin?”

“Why are humans here?”

Children around the ages of 6–12 (what Maria Montessori called the Second Plane of Development) show interest in big questions. In earlier years of childhood, students experience wha...

Upon entering a Primary Montessori classroom for the first time, children are drawn to the Practical Life area immediately. Children marvel at the opportunity to complete tasks they often see their parents do at home such as Food Preparation, Care of the Environment, a...

Did you ever think your child would be a published author before 1st grade?! Well this week the Primary Year 3 students achieved just that. As a culminating event for Writers’ Workshop the students wrote, edited, illustrated, and launched their ‘Me Books.’ The students...

Slithering through the grass,

Prey, predator, golden fangs,

Sink in juicy flesh.

—Calum, Grade 3

April was National Poetry Month, and Elementary students enjoyed celebrating all month long. They spent time reading various poetry anthologies and learning about different too...

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