Observe a moment in one of our classrooms. As one student identifies that another student might need help, he looks at his teacher. When she encourages him, he lends his own hand. The other student then offers help in the same way, unprompted. Notice the confidence and...

The first six weeks of school can often be trying times, as students navigate the world of new and established friendships while at the same time adjusting back to the daily routines of life at school. Though multi-age classrooms provide Montessori students with relati...

An example of Grace and Courtesy: children learn how to interrupt politely when a teacher is working with another child—by quietly placing a hand on the teacher's shoulder and waiting patiently.

The Practical Life area is the heart and soul of a Montessori classroom be...

We all have very busy lives. Family commitments, work, kids’ schedules; personally, I can hardly keep up sometimes! With all that we have on our plates, how can we possibly fit in volunteering our time?

This is the question I would ask myself for many years. The answer...

The term “privilege” can be a controversial and challenging subject to discuss, both for those who have it and those who do not. Privilege (in my experience) is often referred to as it pertains to race or class. However, there are many types of privilege and most of us...

Each year the Primary classrooms celebrate the holiday season by sharing in a delicious breakfast as well as gifting books to one another. Over the years we have found this to be a highly anticipated and enjoyed event by the children and teachers!

There are many benefit...

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October 16, 2019

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