Middle School students are known for their interest in “big ideas” as well as their exploration of moral and ethical questions. At this developmental stage of adolescence, students begin to dive into issues that are important to them, use data-driven research to unders...

If you think back to yourself as a child, you may remember that feeling that you could do anything. You were an inventor, a painter, a gymnast, and so much more. The world was your oyster and you were unstoppable. When I ask my Lower Elementary students,”Who here is an...

Why do you teach at NMS?

I teach at NMS because I have the freedom to teach and flow with what interests the students. If I were to teach in a public school, I might have to be “art on a cart” without much space or storage for materials, or I might be the first one cut...

Last Sunday, many families from Newton Montessori School gathered together to celebrate the Global Cardboard Challenge! It was a fantastic event full of sketching, cutting, gluing, taping, and constructing. Children came with parents, siblings, and grandparents and bro...

Winter weather often leads to extended periods indoors both at home and at school. Art activities are a wonderful way to help curb cabin fever! Here are a few suggestions that can be easily incorporated into the home environment.

Homemade Play Dough 

I recently made Kool...

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Assessing Student Learning in a Montessori Environment

October 16, 2019

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