Middle School students are known for their interest in “big ideas” as well as their exploration of moral and ethical questions. At this developmental stage of adolescence, students begin to dive into issues that are important to them, use data-driven research to unders...

Do you know how to talk to your child about where babies are before they are born?  Are you comfortable answering questions about private body parts? What about broaching the subject of sex and sexual decision making?  These are topics that often make parents, and teac...

Original Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash

I’m in an Upper Elementary classroom in Illinois. We’re working our way through Romeo and Juliet, acting out scenes and discussing the play’s themes as we go. During a pause in the balcony scene, an 11-year-old female st...

Growing up, I recall my mother saying to me, “I just want you to be happy.” While I appreciated her wish for me at the time, I wondered what it meant. I assumed she was hoping for me to experience a perpetual feeling akin to Merriam Webster’s definition—something like...

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Assessing Student Learning in a Montessori Environment

October 16, 2019

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