Last month, we hosted our first Primary Grandparents Day and it was a big success! The grandparents who attended spent the morning learning about Montessori philosophy, meeting older student leaders in the school, and working with their grandchild in their classroom....

What is Bridge?

Montessori philosophy is all about following the child’s needs—and close observation of students revealed an opportunity for Wellan to optimize a program for the older Year 2 students of the Beginner program. "Bridge"—now in its second year at Wellan—is...

If you think back to yourself as a child, you may remember that feeling that you could do anything. You were an inventor, a painter, a gymnast, and so much more. The world was your oyster and you were unstoppable. When I ask my Lower Elementary students,”Who here is an...

“Gummy, will you read me a book?” My grandson asked with a beaming smile.  As most grandchildren do, he knew that a smile and bright eyes would invite me into his world to participate in bedtime storytelling.

As I sat on the edge of his bed and began reading, I couldn’t...

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Assessing Student Learning in a Montessori Environment

October 16, 2019

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