Now that spring has finally sprung (we hope!) it’s the perfect time to begin Flower Arranging. In many of the Primary classrooms, Flower Arranging is a great addition to the Practical Life area. Like all Practical Life materials, this work follows a sequence and is not...

A feature on sharing the joys of music with your children while assisting their development

If you can walk you can dance,

if you can talk you can sing.

—African proverb

Music is interwoven into our lives. We all want to feel comfortable singing happy birthday to our frien...

Pi Day is always a favorite holiday in Elementary, and not just because we love pie! This week, students enjoyed a daylong celebration of math in honor of March 14th.

We started the day by learning about the number pi and its relationship to the circumference of a circl...

Snack time in Beginners is often a highlight of the children’s day.  While the children are typically motivated to join snack because of the appealing food choices, snack time also offers them the opportunity to develop and expand upon an extensive array of skills....


Spanish, Music, Library, Drama, Art, PE, Design Lab—at NMS, we name these classes Specials, and with good reason.

What’s so special about Specials?

Ask your child what they like most about school. Answers might include “seeing my friends!,” “doing my work,” “having grea...

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Assessing Student Learning in a Montessori Environment

October 16, 2019

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