“My personality types are enterprising, artistic, and social; one of my top three skills is making scrambled eggs; and I bet Mr. Steve would be a great reference for me.” — 3rd Grader

Comments such as this one abound during the launch of the Lower Elementary Year 3...

“Where did Earth come from?” 

“How did life on Earth begin?”

“Why are humans here?”

Children around the ages of 6–12 (what Maria Montessori called the Second Plane of Development) show interest in big questions. In earlier years of childhood, students experience wha...

How did people of the Inuit tribe survive the harsh arctic climate they inhabited? Where did the wind come from? How were members of the Seminole tribe impacted as settlers moved into their territory in the 1800s?

These are just some of the questions that Upper Elementa...

Halloween is always a favorite holiday for Elementary students because of the unique celebrations that have become a tradition at NMS!

In Lower Elementary, students participate in Mystery History Day. Prior to the big day, LE students select and research a historical fi...

Each year, the third year students in Lower Elementary look forward to opening their own in-school restaurant for their families. The “café program,” which is in its 8th year, is a unique experiential learning opportunity that has become a treasured tradition at Wellan...

Slithering through the grass,

Prey, predator, golden fangs,

Sink in juicy flesh.

—Calum, Grade 3

April was National Poetry Month, and Elementary students enjoyed celebrating all month long. They spent time reading various poetry anthologies and learning about different too...

Pi Day is always a favorite holiday in Elementary, and not just because we love pie! This week, students enjoyed a daylong celebration of math in honor of March 14th.

We started the day by learning about the number pi and its relationship to the circumference of a circl...

Sawubona! Jambo! As-Salaam-Alaikum! Bonjour! Hello!

Did you know that there are an estimated 1500 – 2000 different languages spoken in Africa? This is just one of the amazing facts that Elementary students learned during our study of this diverse and fascinating contin...

This year, NMS has partnered with the Boston Museum of Science to bring their exciting “Engineering is Elementary” curriculum to the Lower Elementary classrooms. This curriculum pairs perfectly with the Montessori physical and earth science curriculum. It presents chil...

It’s election season at NMS, and the race for official school mascot is tight!

Students are learning about the electoral process through a series of lessons and shared experiences that mimic the way in which US citizens elect leaders.

Overarching goals for this unit are...

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