Kindergarten Students Explore Energy in Science Workshop

The Kindergarten Workshops have been a wonderful addition to the Primary Y3 curriculum. The students have thoroughly enjoyed learning different subject matters through Readers’ Workshop, Writers’ Workshop, Readers’ Theater, and Science Workshop. Additionally, the Kindergarten Workshops have given the children a chance to become more acquainted with students in different classrooms. Throughout the year, the teachers invite relevant speakers into each workshop to talk with the children. These visitors help the children take the information they have learned and apply it to a real-life situation or understand a profession that might be new to them. Over the past couple weeks, the Y3’s have been

Applying “The Power of Our Words”

I heard a lot of respectful and thoughtful language during the discussion. It’s time to begin work. Before you start, think of a strategy you can use to help you concentrate. Freeze. Let’s get back in a line and walk quietly down the hallway. These are just a few examples of what you may hear throughout the day as students work in class or travel around the building. Language is a powerful tool that plays a crucial role in teaching and learning. When we engage our students in academic and social learning, teachers make deliberate choices about the words, tone and pacing of their language. Based on one of our Professional Development texts, The Power of Our Words by Paula Denton, teachers use

Creative Movement for Toddlers

I recently had the opportunity to co-present at the 2017 American Montessori Society conference. Our presentation was titled “Creative Movement for Toddlers” and featured various ways to incorporate more movement opportunities into the classroom environment. A great deal of research published in recent years indicates that physical activity has many positive benefits in a child’s learning, improving attention and executive functioning skills. It was clear that our topic struck a chord as approximately 200 fellow teachers attended the workshop! Part of our presentation featured some new and novel approaches to a common movement work known as the “lug-a-jug.” Typically, the lug-a-jug consists

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