The Thanksgiving Feast: It Takes a Village

There are only a few things that really terrify me in this world, and shopping at Costco on the Saturday before Thanksgiving is one them. All I can think about is stressed out shoppers racing through the aisles with carts jammed packed with toilet paper and giant boxes of stovetop stuffing. When you sit as the Chair of the Thanksgiving Feast Committee here at NMS, fear is not an option. Have you ever wondered what the shopping list looks like in planning for a dinner of 300 of your closest friends? Wonder no more. This list was compiled by a third grader who serves as our intern in the Business Office. “Whoa, that can’t be much turkey?” she asked. “It takes a village,” I answ

Teaching Gratitude

Every year as Thanksgiving arrives, we take time to reflect on the things that make our lives great. At NMS during Circle or Group Time, children discuss what they are most thankful for this year. We often hear such things as favorite toys, pets, family members or their homes, which are all wonderful things for young children to appreciate. Teaching children gratitude can extend beyond the holiday season and into everyday life. When children have a chance to reflect and appreciate all that they have throughout the year, it makes them even more appreciative of the special gifts they might receive during the holidays. Below is a brief list of age-appropriate activities that can be incorporated

Montessori in the Home

In my 15 years as a Montessori toddler teacher, I have discussed the topic of Montessori in the home environment hundreds of times in a wide range of settings. As I was preparing for a recent NMS coffee talk, it occurred to me how much we tend to focus exclusively on physical modifications/adaptations to support children’s independence. While this is important, it leaves out an incredibly integral and essential element to a Montessori home: the role of the adults. Below are some practices you and other caregivers can implement to promote Montessori in the home: Modeling: Children more readily learn expectations (and are more likely to abide by them!) when they observe the adults also fulfill

NMS Mascot Election

It’s election season at NMS, and the race for official school mascot is tight! Students are learning about the electoral process through a series of lessons and shared experiences that mimic the way in which US citizens elect leaders. Overarching goals for this unit are for students to understand that: Groups of people can work together to make a decision in the best interest of the group Leaders represent the qualities that their supporters value People make persuasive arguments to convince their audience People have different opinions and should be able to discuss them respectfully Politicians take note! To start the process, Elementary students first learned about our system of government

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